St Andrews International School hosts Science Fair 2012


Have you ever wondered where a great scientist would first show their potential? Well, we think we know the answer … A Science Fair.

The 22nd and 23rd of March saw over 100 students from three international schools from the Eastern Seaboard compete in the first annual St Andrews International School Science Fair.

All the winnersAll the winners

There were over 50 amazing entries spanning all aspects of the science world that caused the judges and observers to ponder such questions as; What would you do if you were out hiking and your phone ran out of charge? Why use a solar backpack of course…

Lotte in front of her winning exhibit.Lotte in front of her winning exhibit.

Are new shoes really clean and fresh? Not if the experimentation on “The monsters in our shoes” is correct.

Does revising for IB and IGCSE really work if you listen to music? Yes but apparently music with lyrics works best.

How do we react to different images? The eyes are not only the windows to the soul but lots, lots more it would seem if we are to believe the work on “Not for your eyes only”.

These are just a few of the ideas that were kicking around, but it wasn’t all display boards and exhibits. Whilst Nick Frost, St Andrews’ Head of Science was involved in the judging, Ed Thorp and Charlotte Harris put parents and students through their science paces by running a Science Olympiad; a series of events that pitted parents against their children building water rockets, solving logic problems and answering general science questions. The competition showed that everybody needs science and that learning never stops! The parents triumphed on the day much to the chagrin of a few hundred youngsters. The competitors were also treated to a ‘WizzBang Science Spectacular’ by the aforementioned King and Queen of Chemistry that showed just how much fun the subject can be.

It was a fantastic event that showcased the talent of our future scientists and proved yet again why Science is such an important subject. There were 16 prizes up for grabs which were well worth winning thanks to the generous sponsorship from Sodexo, Silamas Transport, Caterpillar, Marriott Resort and Spa, PTT Chemical, Kaokong Petroleum and the St Andrews Group.

Charlotte Harris and Ed Thorp putting on a great science show.Charlotte Harris and Ed Thorp putting on a great science show.

A big thank you must also go out to Pattaya Mail TV who covered the event and made some of our students and staff feel like stars.

Roll on SAIS Science Fair 2013!

The list of winners

Year 7: Sodexo Science Award for Excellence

1st Lotte Van der Heide (SAIS)

2nd Charis Stanley (SAIS)

3rd Kamola Kaitova / Mild Trakarnsakdikul / Fay Sae Ngaw (SAIS)

Year 8 Rayong Marriott Resort and Spa Science Awards for Excellence

1st Alfred Van Der Heide (SAIS)

2nd Conner Bastien (SAIS)

3rd Abhigyan Khullar (GIS)

Year 9 Caterpillar Science Awards for Excellence

1st Nicole Brobbel (SAIS)

2nd Tim Davison / Gla Kanjanarat / Stephane Grzelcyzyk (SAIS)

3rd Ty Kerr / Im Sungpapan / Farruhk Khaitov (SAIS)

Year 10 Silamas Transport Science Awards for Excellence

1st Nuttapong Lertchaipat tanakal / Bright Chavintanangkul (SAIS)

2nd Matt Ratkliang / CJ Trono / Mickey Ngamtrakulchol (SAIS)

3rd Guitar Chaitrakulthong / Momoe Jitjaeng / Jin Kim (Regents)

IB PTT Global Chemical Public Company Science Awards For Excellence

1st James Popp / Ben Lan yon (SAIS)

2nd Karl Tillman / Apinan Hasthanasombat / Mae Underwood (Regents)

3rd Yok Manokatithan / Shani Coe / Joel Huang (SAIS)

Lotte Van Der Heide (SAIS), Kaokong Petroleum Best in Fair

The Van Der Heide family were a proud family winning both the year 7 and the year 8 categories.

The fair will be run again next year and promises to be an even bigger event with schools from Bangkok being invited. See you there.