St Andrews builds tradition of success in Tournament of Minds


Tournament of Minds (TOM) is a problem solving program for teams of students from both primary and secondary years. The teams solve challenges from a choice of disciplines:

* Language & Literature

* Maths & Engineering

* Social Sciences

TOM aims to enhance the potential of students by developing diverse skills, enterprise, time management, and the discipline to work collaboratively within a competitive environment. The Bangkok TOM involved teams from ISB, NIST, ICS, Shrewsbury, Bromsgrove, ASB, RBIS, Regents, St Andrews 71, Garden and our sister school St Andrews Sathorn.

St Andrews Green Valley scooped first place in Primary Maths & Engineering.St Andrews Green Valley scooped first place in Primary Maths & Engineering.

St Andrews has built a tradition of success in the TOM as in 2013 the SAIS Primary team (led by Ms. Deborah Bradshaw) won the Language & Literature Division, and in 2014 the SAIS Secondary team (led by Mr. Bryne Stothard) finished as runner up in the Maths & Engineering Division.

The TOM is part of the ‘SAIS Exceptional Learners Program’ which aims to identify and nurture our most highly gifted students, giving them a chance to compete and succeed against the top international schools in Thailand and students who have been through a similar selection process.

We had a total of 35 students competing at the TOM and this year scooped 1st place in Primary Maths & Engineering and 2nd place in both Secondary ‘Maths & Engineering’ and ‘Language and Literacy’.

Students during their performance.Students during their performance.

Put into context, St Andrews Green Valley won 3 of the 10 available awards (St Andrews Sathorn also came 2nd in Primary ‘Social Sciences’) – competing against 13 schools, 43 teams and 301 students. We are incredibly proud of our students and will strive for continued prestige at next year’s tournament!

When I asked Mishel Cheshko (yr10) what she gained during TOM she replied, “Learning that teamwork is very important, and performing in front of 500 people adds a lot of pressure!” She added, “But at the same time – I really enjoyed being successful.”

Chin and Ta (both yr5) also commented on how the TOM program at St Andrews taught them “…Cooperating with others and being proud of my achievements” and “I was proud how open minded our group was in sharing ideas, to come up with the final plan.”