Regents International School Pattaya choose five students for Global Orchestra


After weeks of practice and two days of auditions, five lucky students will now be judged with Nord Anglia Education by video uplink, for a place in a three-strong contingent that will travel to New York later this year.

An assortment of different musicians are up for consideration; 17-year-old Travis from Australia, 14-year-old Kevin from South Korea, 14-year-old Tim from France, 15-year-old Gene from Pattaya and Mary, just 11 years old, from South Korea.

Principal Iain Blaikie, making the big decision.Principal Iain Blaikie, making the big decision.

They all play different instruments, showing not only the talent that Regents’ students have but the strength of the tutelage available to them. A violinist, pianist, vocalist, bass guitarist, and acoustic guitarist are the five instruments that will be judged.

On the line is not only a trip to New York but a visit to The Juilliard School which is the world-wide acclaimed conservatory for gifted musicians across the United States and indeed, the world.

The Lucky 5: Travis, Tim, Gene, Principal Iain Blaikie, Kevin and Mary.The Lucky 5: Travis, Tim, Gene, Principal Iain Blaikie, Kevin and Mary.

Young Travis, the vocalist of the troupe, says that since he was eight years old “Juilliard has been the one place he would most like to visit”.

Tim, who played the challenging and distinctly heavy ‘Seek and Destroy’ by Metallica is looking forward to meeting like-minded musicians from all around the world. “There are Nord Anglia Schools all around the world. It is will to be so much fun to meet and talk to them.”

Congratulations to those chosen for consideration for the final three places. Get practicing!