Shedding kilos for charity


It’s always nice to receive presents but when Paul Patterson was given some shirts from his employees on his 49th birthday in February this year, he realized just how big a guy he actually was! Weighing in at 118 kilos, Paul decided that if he wanted to see his 50th birthday, it was perhaps time to start looking after himself.

He went on a calorie controlled diet and the weight started dropping off, but after a while Paul realized that he was going to have to work a bit harder and to push his body by doing some physical exercise. This started with brisk twenty minute walks every day.

Paul before his effort to lose weight.Paul before his effort to lose weight.

Then Paul heard about the upcoming Pattaya Marathon and decided to give the half marathon a go. It was then that he thought about not only giving himself a weight loss goal – but also a challenge to raise funds for the Camillian Home for Kids in Rayong. Paul received lots of donations from many friends on Facebook as well as customers of Club Misty’s.  Colin Ward from NMT, Simon Dutton from the Lion Pub, along with Nial and Gerry from the Sapphire Gentleman’s Club also made generous donations. Paul managed to complete the half marathon on 21st July.

By this time he had exceeded his goal of raising 50,000 baht so he continued getting support from the local community. Having slimmed down to 84 kilos, on Sunday the 18th of August Paul and his wife Ilene, along with some friends and staff from Misty’s, went to the Camillian Center in Rayong and handed over 257,600 baht to help the orphans who suffer from HIV & AIDS.

As part of his preparation for February, Paul also recently walked to the Jesters Care for Kids Children’s Fair at the Regents School and raised a total of 25,000 baht for that worthwhile cause.

But it doesn’t stop there. Paul has been given so much support from the local community, friends and relatives that he will shortly be announcing his 2014 “February Fundraiser” which will see him attempt to complete 50 kilometres for 50 Years to mark and coincide with his 50th birthday. The route is still being planned but will most likely be largely based along Pattaya Beach Road. Despite having yet to announce the event, Paul has already received a total of 82,000 baht in cash and pledges.

You can follow Paul’s fundraising progress on his personal Facebook page and another one he has set up entitled ‘Help Me to Help Them’

Children at the Camillian Center say thanks to Paul (center, holding child) and wife Ilene for Paul’s great weight loss effort and generous donation.Children at the Camillian Center say thanks to Paul (center, holding child) and wife Ilene for Paul’s great weight loss effort and generous donation.