An amazing response by the members of Pattaya Sports Club


We have been very fortunate here in Pattaya recently for we have had less rain than usual. But in the North West of Thailand this has not been the case, for the rain has fallen to such an extent that severe flooding has occurred.

Many families have lost most, if not all, their possessions and crops have been decimated causing problems that will have an effect for many years to come. But it has been particularly disastrous for one small village, Bang Wang Pha. 24 homes have been badly damaged and an orphanage housing 65 children between the ages of 5 and 16 has been virtually washed away. Their clothes, toys, food and the few personal items they possessed have disappeared.

The children say thank you.The children say thank you.

A friend of Hand to Hand’s Margaret Grainger contacted her and asked if she could possibly help in any way. Margaret contacted Pattaya Sport Club with this very sad news and an appeal was launched among the members. Although PSC normally concentrates donating funds in the Pattaya and surrounding areas, an exception was made and the wheels were put into motion. When the supplies arrived, there were many willing hands to unload the goods and in picture No. 3 it can be clearly seen how high the water came. Many children have been and are sick from contaminated water but, like all children, they can still smile which is a perfect reward for all our efforts.

Many willing hands to unload supplies.Many willing hands to unload supplies.

The result was astonishing. Thousands of items were donated and left at the PSC office, which, at times, resembled a second hand store with clothes, toys food and other items being left for the children. Many members did not have access to children’s clothes so many left a cash donation. These were then delivered to Margaret and three of her staff left in the early hours one morning to make the long trip to the village.

Other organizations were also invited to help, including Jesters and the newly formed TFI group, but the PSC committee expressed their wish to thank PSC members for their concern and generosity.

The line shows the depth of water.The line shows the depth of water.

They can still manage to smile.They can still manage to smile.

Many children are sick.Many children are sick.

The crops are decimated.The crops are decimated.