REPS Celebrates Book-o-ween


Halloween was a little different this year at Rayong English Programme School in Ban Chang. It became a special literary day where characters from books came to life! Almost 900 REPS students and teachers dressed up as their favorite book characters and brought the books to read and share with classmates. In preparation for the day, many students went to the REPS Library looking for books to find ideas for their characters and costumes. They were often amazed to find stories like “Casper the friendly Ghost” and “Where the Wild Things Are,” as well as their favorite “Harry Potter.”

Students and parents helped make the original and unique outfits for many of the characters. The lively and colorful Book-a-ween parade, directed by Principal Steve, took place after assembly on October 30. The book readings, stories, games and sharing were done during the first two class periods. Lower Secondary went to Nursery and Kindergarten to act out books and present related activities for the students. Upper Secondary visited Primary to present mini plays, stories and added readings from their books.

Our favorite Harry Potter.Our favorite Harry Potter.

A variety of characters from many different and varied books was presented by secondary students and came alive before the excited audiences of the younger students. Some of the favorite characters were the Avengers, Doraemon, Goldilocks, Aladdin, Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Rumplestilskin, Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tinkerbelle, Snow White, and the Ninja Turtles among a multitude of other wonderful storybook characters.

REPS students and teachers agreed that it was a great educational experience, enlightening and fun. Since it was the first time, it was easily the best ever “Book-a-ween!”