Regent’s Year 10 go on bronze expedition to Khao Yai


Over the weekend of the 10th-12th February twenty-eight Year 10 students joined our largest expedition to date into Khao Yai National Park. Their trips to Koh Chang earlier in the term had been an opportunity to develop the skills required to plan and carry out this expedition trek, and now each was ready to prove their willingness to step well outside their comfort zone in journeying in small groups through the forest.

Each group was required to plan and cook their own meals and the teacher-assessors were pleased to see lots of fresh vegetables and creative menus in evidence!

The happy international awarders.The happy international awarders.

There was plenty of wildlife around at the campsite – from deer, civet and porcupines to mischievous monkeys that were ready to break into the group’s tents or steal food whenever it was left unattended.

As they trekked through the forest the four expedition groups learned to move quietly to observe wildlife, and supported each other through the tougher sections of the walk, building up their personal resilience and leadership skills on the way.

Well done to everyone who took part in the expedition – it was a memorable and very successful weekend.

A splash of a time!A splash of a time!

Back to basics.Back to basics.