Regents students perform brilliantly at world-renown Maths Challenge


Students at Regents International School Pattaya achieved two gold, two silver, and eleven bronze medals in this year’s United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) senior Maths Challenge.

Over two-hundred-thousand students from around the world returned their scripts for the technically demanding challenge. Those students who received marks in the top ten percent were awarded a gold certificate, the next 20 percent awarded silver, and the next 30 percent earned a bronze.

Bronze medal winners.Bronze medal winners.

Congratulations to Tony and Sangmin for achieving the illustrious gold medal, as well as James and Seo-Young for achieving silver. Special mentions for the Bronze winners: Sally, Yuri, Daria, Jun Sik, Kenny, Game, Hye-Ji, Sofia, Ga-Hee, Sung-Woo and Gregory. A special mention should also go to Tony who was also awarded a certificate for achieving the highest mark in the school.

Regents Head of Mathematics, Mr. Andrew Perrins says he is proud of the effort Regents pupils have put in. “I applaud all of those students who took part and we will endeavour to do just as well, if not better for the Intermediate Maths Challenge in February.”

To give you an idea of the difficulty of the challenge, here is one of the questions:

*December 31st 1997 was a Wednesday, how many Wednesday’s were there in 1997?*

Gold and Silver medal winners.Gold and Silver medal winners.