Regent’s students on yellow brick road to present A Wizard Of Oz in Globe Theatre


Regent’s Performance Arts students are currently hard at work in rehearsal for the upcoming production of A Wizard of Oz due to be presented in the Globe Theatre at The Regent’s School (Route 36) from the 8th-11th March at 7 p.m. The slight alteration to the title gives a sneaking clue as to the different take on this particular version of the Oz story made so famous by the iconic Warner Brothers’ film version starring Judy Garland.

This version begins on a city landscape in 2015 with the story of Dorothy Gale’s epic journey with her four friends to Oz and back to Kansas as a figment of a teenager’s fevered imagination. Not to worry! Anyone who has seen the original version or who has read the novel will recognize the familiar characters of Dorothy and her companions, the Tinman, Scarecrow, Lion and Toto and the unforgettable melodies such as Follow the Yellow Brick Road, We’re off to se the Wizard and, of course, Somewhere over the Rainbow. These are not the only musical items in the production and the audience may in for a few surprises!

The Regent’s cast rehearsing for next month’s performance of A Wizard Of Oz. The Regent’s cast rehearsing for next month’s performance of A Wizard Of Oz.

There are over 100 students, teachers and parents currently working together to make the production a success with the age range of the performers spanning 8 to16. As well as entertaining the audience, the aim is also to raise as much money as possible for four of the school’s community partners: Abundant Life; Croston House, an orphanage near Chiang Mai; the Camillian Centre, Rayong and the Father Ray Foundation, Pattaya. Each of these organizations will have stalls providing further information in the foyer area outside the Globe theatre on the evenings of the performances.

Tickets cost 200 baht and can be reserved on 038 418 777 ext 105 or mobile: 0847598644. This is an excellent opportunity to come and see The Regent’s School at its best. Be quick, the tickets are selling fast!