Regent’s School hosts their first MUN Conference


In the first Saturday of March, Regent’s hosted their very first Mock United Nations (MUN) conference with students from St. Andrews International School. It was the first time most of the delegates had been to a conference and many had to come to terms with the very formal ways of the MUN.

There were two committees; one on Human Rights and another on Political Issues. The morning was spent preparing for the debates in the afternoon and writing resolutions to the questions.

Students hold up their represented countries.Students hold up their represented countries.

After lunch the debating began; at first the debating was very confusing because it’s not your typical debate, it’s more of a questioning of the person who put forward the resolution. As a delegate of a given country, you look out for the aspects of the resolution that would be beneficial to you. There are all sorts of complicated motions and points you can rise to. While hard to grasp at the start, by the end of the day almost everyone was using them to make the debates more interesting.

Personally, I was really anxious as this was my first conference but by the end of the day we were all really into the debates and having a lot of fun. I know a lot of people might be sceptical about the excitement of MUN, but as long as you’re involved and putting yourself out there in the debates, you are going to enjoy it!