Regents International School Pattaya embrace Loy Krathong festival


Celebrated earlier than usual this year, students and teachers wore traditional Thai dress, floated krathongs in the school swimming pool and performed the Loy Krathong song in both Thai and English at the school’s Globe Theatre.

Head of Primary Nonie Adams said, “This year we again enjoyed celebrating the colourful and elegant Thai festival of Loy Krathong in our Primary school. All our staff and children looked wonderful in their Thai costumes as we appreciated some very skilful Thai dancing by our young students and enjoyed a moment of reflection when floating our Krathongs.

Some of the beautiful krathongs made by studentsSome of the beautiful krathongs made by students

The Krathongs were some of the most elaborately designed yet and prizes were given to the best models and the ones that were the most sea-worthy.

Tim Eaton of Regents said, “As a British International school, we take great pride in understanding and embracing the traditions and customs of our host country. We are part of the wider community and it is events like these that can bring people together.”

Staff and students in traditional Thai dress.Staff and students in traditional Thai dress.