PSC builds new kitchen area for Ban Pak Rakpuan


The residents welcomed the 2 cars that pulled in the drive and quickly unloaded the pizzas, curry, rice, salads and fruit together with ample supplies of soft drinks. You guessed it, we were having a party. But why?

Four years ago, the residents of Rakpuan were housed in a small hut near Mabprachan Lake. What proved to be a blessing in disguise, they had to leave but were fortunate enough to find 3 houses on the outskirts of Nongprue which they could rent. Muoy, who is the pastor for this group, runs the centre which now has 21 residents with HIV and 3 with TB. The problems are obvious: how to pay the unavoidable everyday expenses which include food and drink. All the medication, which is very expensive, is paid for by the government and additional help comes from City Hall, Pattaya Sports Club and others.

Muoy, Nigel and PSC.Muoy, Nigel and PSC.

The residents of Rakpuan have very few, what they call luxuries, including decent shampoo, skin creams, detergents, good toothpaste, etc., items which most of us take for granted. For the last 4 years PSC have been providing them with these items just to make life a little easier.

The conditions in which they live can only be described as basic and, recently, we were shown the area where all their meals are prepared. We were so concerned with the conditions that, at our next visit, we were accompanied by a friend of PSC, Nigel Oakes, who is always happy to help with charitable donations, and as I suspected, was appalled at the condition of this area. There was no eating area for they had to find any surface on which they could sit and eat their food, whether it be in the garden or bedroom. We agreed that something had to be done. Without any delay a concrete base was laid, a roof constructed, chairs and tables were purchased, as were sinks, a new cooker and various cooking implements.

Monthly supplies are delivered.Monthly supplies are delivered.

It was mentioned at the time that one of their bunk beds could no longer be used and as space is at a premium these are essential so Nigel agreed that a new one be purchased. At least 2 people can look forward to a good night’s sleep.

So now, their lives are just a little more comfortable and the cook, sorry chef, may feel more adventurous with the menu.

If you feel that you can help Rakpuan with clothes, supplies or a financial donation, please contact William at PSC 0861522754.

They are happy with the new bed.They are happy with the new bed.

The kitchen before.The kitchen before.

This is how it looked.This is how it looked.

After the changes, shown here as the party is getting started.After the changes, shown here as the party is getting started.