Poetry Slam Champion schools St. Andrews students


The youngest-ever World Poetry Slam Champion and maths maestro Harry Baker visited St Andrews International School on April 29. Harry Baker is a lyrical genius and, by his own admission, a bit of a ‘nerd’. As a teenager he rapped about things that interested him; rather than fast cars and a ‘gangsta’ lifestyle, Harry focused on his love of Mathematics, Science and his paper round. He got into slam poetry, rather accidentally, at a spoken word Open-Mic Night in London when he was 18.

Having taken the poetry world by storm with his cheeky humour, refreshing honesty and sparkling word play, Harry shared his love of poetry with the students of St Andrews, inspiring them to write their own poems for an upcoming Poetry Slam competition.

Students spent the afternoon listening to Harry then trying to create their own spoken word pieces.

His is a truly modern take on poetry, tackling prime numbers and why bumble bees scientifically shouldn’t fly, and there was genuine enthusiasm and engagement from the students which will hopefully inspire some Slam Poet champions of the future.

Jake Heron, a year 7 student said, “Harry really inspires you and I’m going to write a poem for the Slam using his style.” High praise indeed.

Harry Baker is a poetry slam world champion.