Perfect Prefects ready for a challenging year


Garden International School (GIS) has welcomed a new group of Prefects for 2014-15.

The Prefects, who are all from Year 12, will represent the school at various events and also help organise a range of activities for students.

At a whole school assembly on September 12, the Prefects were revealed. They then said a pledge to work hard for GIS and were given a special white wristband, watched by their parents and mentors.

The GIS Prefects and Head Boy and Girl for 2014-15.The GIS Prefects and Head Boy and Girl for 2014-15.

Each Prefect has their own portfolio which they will represent. The Prefects for 2014-15 are: Renee Harris – Humanities portfolio, Teng Chilver – Action, Hui Eun Park – Sciences, Jason Tang – Creativity, John Caulees – Languages, Kevin Gulati – Service. In addition, for the first time at GIS, there is also a Head Boy, Patrick Van Der Poel, and a Head Girl, Pauline Gallemit.

Dr Stuart Tasker, GIS Principal, said: “Being a Prefect is a big responsibility for these students, but as our students are all so amazing and hard-working, I know they will step up to the challenge. They have already organised some great events, such as a fun sports afternoon for students and a Roald Dahl Day, and I’m sure there will be many more exciting activities to come over the year.

“As well as helping ensure GIS is a fun place to learn, the Prefects will also gain lots of new skills, and gain more responsibility,” Dr Tasker concluded.