Pattaya Sports Club provide clean drinking water to School No. 5


Water is arguably the most important ingredient for humans to have a happy, healthy life. All plants and animals must have water to survive, whether it is from a bottle or the food we eat, particularly vegetables and fruit, as you would have experienced when you bite into a juicy orange only to feel the juice running down your chin onto your clean shirt. 60% of the human body is made up of water, without which we are dehydrated and become unwell.

Most visitors to Thailand take for granted having clean drinking water available in their homelands at all times – just turn on the tap for a refreshing glass of water. But that is not the case in Thailand as children at School No. 5 discovered recently.

The head master is so happy.The head master is so happy.

There are 1800 children at this school and they have 2 water filters in different parts of the school which, in the past, has provided clean drinking water when needed. But recently, there have been reports of some children having upset stomachs. An inspection of the water showed that all was not well and one of the filters was closed by the doctor. The filters had been installed some years ago, had gone past their sell by date and they did not have the UHV filters attached which counteracts bacteria such as e-coli, diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases.

Pattaya Sports Club were invited by Noy of YWCA to look at the problem and being aware of how important it is to provide clean drinking water, we arranged for an inspection and the necessary repairs to be made.  New filters, piping and the addition of UHV filters bring the systems up to date and an end to health problems for the children.

Some children thank PSC.Some children thank PSC.

Monty, the new headmaster at school No. 5, could not be happier and will arrange for the filters to be covered to protect them from the extremes of weather. Many of the children come from poor families and have to buy water which, very often, they can ill afford. But with an ample supply of clean water they can fill up their bottles and take water home to their families.

The new filters are in place.The new filters are in place.

The UHV filter is so important.

1800 children drink a lot of water.