Pattaya Sports Club passes 3 million baht


Pattaya Sports Club are proud to have been supporting charities and promoting sports since 1979, but this last financial year was a year to remember in more ways than one. Some good memories and others we would prefer to forget but, perhaps, never will.

It was a good start to the year ahead when PSC were able to celebrate donating 25 million baht during the last 12 years and ended being able to celebrate donating 3 million baht, in the financial year ending April 30th, going to 42 different causes. From building toilets for a centre that houses 420 disabled ladies to supplying food/supplies to hospitals and various centres and installing clean water supplies to schools. Our involvement, very much to the delight of the committee, has been wide and varied.

There were a number of new recipients on this year’s list but, over the years, we have built up a great relationship with many friends including Jesters, YWCA, Rotary, Camillian Centre, Baan Jing Jai to name just a few and together we have made a big impact in the Pattaya area.

Each year we donate funds to promote sport among children and this year is no exception with 794,000 baht being used to promote sport in one form or another, for presented with the opportunity to determine the skills they have, who knows, there may be a champion waiting to be discovered. Which has happened in badminton, where an 18 year old Thai lady has moved into the top 20 in the world rankings. Providing facilities and equipment to enable children to hone their skills remains a priority for PSC.

Rain made a big impact starting in September when thousands of people were disappointed that the Jesters Fair was submerged under a sea of torrential and persistent rain and was therefore cancelled. The devastating floods in the rest of the country made a big impact on everybody’s lives for many months. Hundreds of children and handicapped arrived in Pattaya to escape from those areas and, therefore,  put a big strain on those charities that came to their aid.  PSC were able to help, providing rice and water until they could return to their homes.

Pattaya Sports Club are well known for their willingness to help the underprivileged and handicapped and a big THANK YOU must go to all the members who continue their support by renewing their membership.