Pattaya Sports Club helps to make things brighter at the Orphanage


The Pattaya Orphanage, now in its 40th year, has close to 200 children at the home. 30/40 are deaf and have been since birth, and there are 35 babies of 2 years or less. The youngest, when I was there recently, was 5 days old and they need constant care and attention, which is quite demanding for the staff.

The needs of 200 children never cease and are a constant concern to Toy, director of the Human Help Network. Care and maintenance of the buildings are, sometimes, not on the list of priorities for a child’s wellbeing, but a recent problem was brought to the attention of Pattaya Sports Club and that was repairs to the staff residence.

The rain has caused some severe damage.The rain has caused some severe damage.

The guttering had fallen down some time ago and water was cascading down from the roof causing considerable damage to the area around the staff quarters. The water had seeped into the brickwork and, apart from looking bad, the damp was beginning to be seen in the staff quarters. This situation could not be allowed to continue and was a major concern, for if the staff is affected by colds and chest problems these could be passed to the children, particularly the babies. The babies can be just a few days old and are susceptible to any colds and viruses that they come into contact with.

The damage is spreading into the living area.The damage is spreading into the living area.

Toy asked Pattaya Sports Club for some assistance, which was readily agreed by the committee. But this was back in November and we decided that it would make sense to leave it until March to allow the walls to dry during the very dry period that we normally have in the first 3 months of the year.

Everything is looking brighter.Everything is looking brighter.

The builders set about rectifying the problem at the end of April, before the rains come visiting again, installing guttering, cleaning the walls, adding a water sealant before painting and a huge improvement was immediate as you can see.

It is a great pleasure to help Toy and her staff, for they work tirelessly to take care of the children, but help is always needed. If you have and toys or clothes that you no longer need, please ring me on 0861522754 or drop anything you may have to the Pattaya Sports Club office along Third Road. One item that is always needed are hearing aides. If you have one that is not being used, please let us have it, even if it’s broken, for it can be repaired.

The staff can now use the balcony to relax.The staff can now use the balcony to relax.

The finished article.The finished article.

There are 35 children under 3 years old.There are 35 children under 3 years old.

Young babies need protection.Young babies need protection.