Pattaya Sports Club discovers Khun Ja at A.T.C.C.


It is an unfortunate fact that Pattaya has become a destination for some unsavoury activity particularly concerning child abuse in all its forms. Various agencies record a worrying increase in the physical abuse of impoverished and homeless children who come to Pattaya from the poor areas of Northern Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and Laos.

Efforts are constantly made both nationally and internationally to combat this worldwide problem, but here in Pattaya, one remarkable man has devoted 23 years of his life protecting children from abuse.

It is now finished.It is now finished.

Ja was with the Father Ray Foundation for 15 years before breaking away to establish his own centre which is now known as the Child Protection Development Centre. No longer with them, he is continuing his mission by starting the Antihuman Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre (A.T.C.C.) in an isolated area of Nongprue.

He has 17 children, between the age of 3 and 19, resident at the moment and is in contact with many children in Pattaya, helps them in any way he can on a regular basis and looks forward to the day when he will have sufficient funds to bring them to the centre. He has a team headed by Thor and over the years, he has acquired and maintained close contact with the local police and those from many countries including Germany, Austria, UK and many others including the famous FBI.

They now have toilets and showers.They now have toilets and showers.

Within the centre he has also introduced the Child Protection and Development Lifeskill Centre to instill in the children certain skills which include building, gardening, cooking and for the girls sewing, knitting, hairdressing and baking. The sleeping areas that you see in the photographs have been built by his volunteers and helped by the children, both girls and boys, bringing them together as a group developing a team spirit that can only help them in the future.

Ja and Thor.Ja and Thor.

Pattaya Sports Club provided funds for the most recent house and toilets and will remain in close contact with Ja at the A.T.C.C. in the future.

Funds, volunteers, supplies and food are difficult to come by, so if anyone reading this report can help in any way, please contact William at Pattaya Sports Club – 0861522754.

The house is nearly finished.The house is nearly finished.

The crops are doing nicely.The crops are doing nicely.