Pattaya Sports Club & Cafe Kronborg join forces to help school


It is a known fact that the majority of people in the world do not drink sufficient water. That applies to young children and those of us that are a little more mature and should know better. Sodas, coffee and tea are all very well but do not have the benefits of clean drinking water, particularly when you take into consideration the heat and humidity that we experience in Pattaya.

The health of children is so important and by providing clean drinking water, we are taking just one step towards providing them with a healthy start in life. During the last year Pattaya Sports Club have provided clean drinking water filtration systems to 7 schools in the area and Nernplabwan School is the most recent recipient.

The new filters.The new filters.

2100 students at the school had minimum access to drinking water and it was Nittaya of the YWCA that made the call to PSC to provide additional facilities. There was doubt that we would respond.

We have a thumbs up for the water.We have a thumbs up for the water.

PSC have been donating funds to children, the handicapped and the underprivileged for more than 30 years, but credit must go to the many golf bars, affiliated to PSC, for their efforts raising funds for the needy, mainly through charity golf days.

Cafe Kronborg have their own method of collecting funds for charity. Small fines are imposed on the unsuspecting, being late on the tee, arriving at the wrong golf course, hitting a ball into the water and many more. No one escapes – but it is all in a good cause after all.

Cafe Kronborg, one of the oldest bars in Pattaya, situated in Soi Diana, and Pattaya Sports Club combined their efforts to provide a vastly improved filtration system as can be seen in the photos and it was a happy occasion when the head teacher, Partip, welcomed members of Cafe Kronborg, PSC, Nittaya and Pattaya Mail to the official hand over. As you can see, we were joined by some of the students to sample the end product and give their seal of approval.

Well done to everyone at Cafe Kronborg.

A very happy Head teacher.A very happy Head teacher.