Our disabled girl, Fahsai, once neglected and abandoned, has turned 5 years old and life is good!


Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive 2013 by Glencore International and Canadian Jackalope Open

We were reminded of that old John Wayne movie, “3 Godfathers”, when three grizzled, hardened cowboys come across a dying mother with her infant in the desert and, softening up, vow to take care of the baby girl and keep her safe. When Erle, Bernie and I went to the Camillian Home in Lat Krabang on June 28th to check on our girl, Fahsai, we felt the same, as she affectionately referred to us as ‘paa’, or father.

The difference between the movie and reality was our little girl’s mother willingly deserted her daughter, and eventually was incarcerated for repeated drug abuse. And the other difference from the movie is the three of us are just grizzled ordinary guys.

Fahsai shows off her new pose for the camera.Fahsai shows off her new pose for the camera.

What is the same as the movie though is that we are also dedicated to looking after our little girl’s welfare.

Speaking of safety, the Camillian Home is a residence and day visitor center for kids living with HIV and disabilities. However, the operative word at this facility is ‘disabled’, as that is the resident physical therapists’ area of expertise.

When we first met Fahsai it was in February 2012 at the day care center for Hand to Hand in South Pattaya. There we met Pai, the director of the Foundation, who is the actual heroine snatching Fahsai from the clutches of the drug dealers.

At that time Fahsai had no use of her legs and could not lift her head for long. At this stage, she could only drink fluids because the muscles in her neck were never given a chance to develop. It took some time before she could lift her head and sit up to be spoon-fed semi-solid food.

When we brought her to the Camillian Home on March 23rd last year, Fahsai still had trouble using her arms and legs. She was also mostly mute, except when crying when she was unhappy.

But then that is ancient history now because after 15 months of being at the Home getting regular physical therapy, botox injections to relax her leg and arm muscles and lots of loving care, she’s a new girl, talking, crawling and starting to walk with assistance.

The actual occasion for our visit was to help her celebrate her 5th birthday. We came bearing gifts of clothing and two dozen donuts with sprinkles, which is one of her favorites. We had a ball there spending time with her and being treated like godfathers. It is sheer joy to see how much she has progressed and become so communicative.

Life just doesn’t get much better than this. Sure, it will be even better when she starts walking on her own, but right now every little step forward is just a delightful bonus for her.

In the meantime, she gives her smiles, her heartfelt laughter, blows kisses and knows all about posing for the cameras.

We would like to thank one of our sponsors, the Thai restaurant in Regensburg, Germany, for covering the gifts for Fahsai’s birthday party. They too have taken ownership of our little girl.

If you too would like to help special children like Fahsai, please visit us at www. care4kids.info and/or www. facebook.com/jesterscare.forkids

Please remember that our Main Events are coming up soon:

* Children’s Fair: Sunday, September 8th, at The Regent’s School Pattaya

* Gala Party Night: Saturday, September 21st, at Amari Orchid Pattaya

Fahsai walking with assistance and posing at the same time.Fahsai walking with assistance and posing at the same time.

Bernie and a care-giver help Fahsai blow out the candles on her birthday cake.Bernie and a care-giver help Fahsai blow out the candles on her birthday cake.