Nongprue donates milk, necessities to disabled


Nongprue Sub-district again handed out dairy products and basic necessities to families with disabled children.

Mayor Mai Chaiyanit presided over the April 20 Social Welfare Fund for Disabled Children program distribution.

Twenty families received powdered milk, boxed liquid milk, eggs, bath towels, and other household item.

The Social Welfare Fund, which has a budget of just 12,000 baht a month, provides staples to families with disabled children. Donations are also accepted.

The fund is a long-term project open for people who are interested in donating such items or cash to support the disabled youngsters in the community. Charity organizations or private sectors can contact the Social Welfare Department at the Nongprue municipal office during working hours.

Nongprue Mayor Mai Chaiyanit hands out donated items from the Social Welfare Funds for Disabled Children’s project.

Parents of disabled children are certainly thankful for receiving needed household items from the project.