More chickens = more eggs = more protein


Many local charitable organizations have been affected by the recession that has hit many countries. The result of this recession is a reduction in the amount of foreign support that reaches Thailand.

Together with a strong local currency and an increase in the costs of food, petrol, salaries and utilities means that organizations must plan initiatives to become more self sufficient if it wishes to continue providing the level of care it is used to.

Almost 200 eggs are collected each day. Almost 200 eggs are collected each day.

At the Father Ray Children’s Home, which is part of the Father Ray Foundation and located in Nongprue near the Elephant Village, a new chicken house will ensure the children are not only guaranteed protein in their diet, but the Home will save much needed funds that can be spent in other areas. Another advantage of the chicken house will be the opportunity for several residents to learn new skills and knowledge that may help them find future employment.

The ‘workers’ have been selected from the residents, and they have received training in the different areas of managing the project, everything from hygiene to the correct way to treat the birds and collect the eggs.

Only selected children are allowed into the chicken farm. Only selected children are allowed into the chicken farm.

The two hundred egg producing chickens were donated by the CP Group of companies as part of its ‘Kitchen of the World’ programme, the aim of which is to provide chickens to help feed communities throughout the Kingdom.

This chicken farm is the latest in a series of self sufficiency schemes that include several mushroom houses, a fruit and vegetable farm, a rice fields, pigsties and fish ponds. All of which are providing fresh nutritious food, saving the Father Ray Foundation money and teaching new skills to its residents.

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