Mercy Pattaya have a new sports area


It was almost two years ago that Fred Doell invited me to an area of land just beyond route 36 which will, eventually, become the new home of Mercy Pattaya (previously known as Mercy Centre).

As you can see, the field was overgrown and had too many coconut trees which would have to be removed. I seemed to remember indicating to Fred that there was much work to be carried out before the children could move there. But when Fred and Dianne decide to do something for the children nothing is impossible. Now, big changes have taken place and the move to the new site was carried before Christmas. The Mercy Pattaya now have 27 abandoned or neglected children in their care and room for up to 50 when building is complete and they have been helping children in need for more than 10 years.

Pattaya Sports Club members think along the same lines as Fred and Dianne and it was agreed that PSC donate funds to build a multi-purpose, all weather playing area for children who need somewhere to rid themselves of their excess energy and sport. It is also an ideal vehicle to promote healthy bodies and to develop friendships that could last a lifetime.

Children love to play and, who knows, there may be a budding champion just waiting to be discovered.