Maths Week IV – From Hogwarts to St Andrews


Having just moved into a brand-new maths suite with panoramic views, it was time for the St Andrews Green Valley Mathematics students to party and celebrate another fantastic set of examination results. With an impressive average of Level 5.8 in IB Mathematics and commendable 62% A*/A’s at IGCSE, with just one student falling below the C grade, spirits were high.

Maths Week was full of group challenges, quizzes, demonstrations and video footage, in a frenzied build-up to a dramatic afternoon of Maths Games. Despite Harry Potter like storms, lightning and power cuts, the students battled bravely through the elements and their communities were rewarded handsomely. Basketballs flew in from angles both acute and obtuse, great volumes of giant Jenga blocks came crashing down, torches flared in the darkened English corridors, whilst paper shapes and cylindrical bins replaced soggy spheres and goal posts in the science labs.

Samui Island community leaders.Samui Island community leaders.

Samui finally took the Maths Week Trophy having being runners up for the last two years. Samet were close behind, followed by Chang and Phuket. Once again, the enthusiasm and good nature of the students were a delight, and credit must go to the IB students who played an outstanding role in helping the events stay fun and competitive, and run smoothly.

There are rumours of a Splash and Dash Maths Challenge next year as Green Valley aims to spice up proceedings in the new pool arena.

Year 10 girls enjoying the maths challenges.Year 10 girls enjoying the maths challenges.