‘Living with the Tiger’ screening at the Regent’s School


Last Monday, movie star Khun Bla and film director Mike Thomas visited Regent’s as part of their tour with the documentary “Living with the Tiger”. Khun Bla and Mike are both lively HIV/AIDS activists and the screening in The Globe Theatre was part of the Regent’s World AIDS Day 2011 programme.

The movie gives an insight into the lives of HIV/AIDS affected children in Thailand and the difficulties they face living within Thai society. Filmed by its director Mike Thomas, Khun Bla plays a major role in the documentary as the film crew follows his life for three years, from the Thai countryside all the way to a Bangkok opera stage.

Mike Thomas and Bla share information about the film. Mike Thomas and Bla share information about the film.

Apart from screening the movie to many members and friends of Regent’s, Khun Bla and Mike Thomas also got to know the Regent’s a bit better. The pair had some quality time in Primary, where they talked about their movie and HIV/AIDS. They also carried out some fundraising by selling DVDs and T-shirts of the movie during lunch times. The T-shirts will also be sold at the coming Christmas Bazaar! Everyone can find out more about the movie and Baan Gerda on http://www.livingwiththetiger.com/.

After the evening screening of the movie on Tuesday and a long question and answer session, we said our thanks to Khun Bla and Mr. Mike Thomas for sharing their moving story with us. Bla and Mike headed off to prepare for the next showing of the movie in NIST in Bangkok.


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