Literacy Week at Regents’ is a huge learning experience


Over the course of the last week at Regents International School Pattaya students in Early Years and Primary have been engaged in a series of workshops, drama experiences, and visits from authors.

Welcoming published author ‘Kamon’ to come and speak to pupils was a definite highlight. Hugely inspirational, the children loved listening to the stories and Kamon told the tales in an engaging and thoughtful way.

Regents Drama workshops with Mr. Nick Lewis.Regents Drama workshops with Mr. Nick Lewis.

Even Early Years and Key Stage One Literacy Co-ordinator Mrs. Alison Lyford was excited by the experience.

“Having the opportunity to chat with Kamon and buy a signed book was the icing on the cake! Opportunities like this, along with the expert workshops that the children have participated in, really bring Literacy Week to life and make it a memorable and stimulating experience for all involved.

Students also tried their hand at telling their own stories with Head of Early Years and Key Stage One.

“All children have loved using gestures, sounds and pictures to tell familiar stories in my workshops,” Mrs. Karyn Walton said.

Regents ‘Kamon’ entertaining students.Regents ‘Kamon’ entertaining students

Mrs. Karyn Walton telling stories using gestures.Mrs. Karyn Walton telling stories using gestures.

Students listen intently to author ‘Kamon’.Students listen intently to author ‘Kamon’.