Kids will love it


It is a very rare occasion to have sixty young children from the Father Ray Children’s Home sitting in silence for a whole hour. But this is what happened when they went to watch Pattaya’s newest entertainment extravaganza, Magic People Illusion Show.

Located on the top floor of The Avenue on Second Road, the magic and illusion show is set to rival any other show in Pattaya, and it was the perfect day out for the youngsters on the final day of their long summer holiday from school.

The children lost count of how many people disappeared and reappeared.The children lost count of how many people disappeared and reappeared.

This fast moving performance included a magnificent light and sound show, dancers, magic tricks and illusions that saw many children sitting on the edges of their seats with their mouths open.

The children lost count of how many performers appeared on stage before disappearing and then reappearing again, and the question on everyone’s lips after the show finished was “how do they do that?”

The management team from the Magic People Illusion Show has already invited more children from the Father Ray Foundation to attend the show next month, and already the children are counting the days.

How does he do that?How does he do that?


The children enjoyed meeting the performers.The children enjoyed meeting the performers.