Amnesty International – Letters of conscience


On Friday the 4th of May Regents Amnesty International group held a 12 hour letter writing marathon for prisoners of conscience. This event started at 10 a.m. and finished at 10 p.m. with the participation of students writing to either prisoners of conscience or to the governments holding prisoners of conscience in a request for them to be realised or for justice to be served.

A prisoner of conscience is someone who has been wrongfully imprisoned. Amnesty Thailand joined us for the day which was great and a good insight for the pupils into Amnesty Thailand’s role.

Students lighting lanterns for victims.Students lighting lanterns for victims.

During this event students, teachers and parents chose someone to write to and posted it in their house’s post box. These letters were to be counted to determine which house had posted the largest amount of letters.

Finding out more about Amnesty International.Finding out more about Amnesty International.

To give students an idea of what happens to people around the world who are held in prison unfairly, Amnesty students spent the day creating abductions. Masked People would run into classroom and chose a person to be ‘kidnapped’, these students were then placed into a cage where they would be viewed by guests and students writing letters but could not be talked to or interacted with. The other activities running included student run drama performances, movies and paper-lanterns making after a BBQ dinner from the parents and food and drink from Goldfish Garden.

Unfairly caged.Unfairly caged.

The event was a great success with many fantastic letters written to governments and to the people themselves. It showed that at Regent’s Pattaya we care and will continuing working for the release of these prisoners and to stop injustice around the world.