Jesters’ Fair is already only 72 days away!


Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive 2012 Sponsored by Glencore International and Canadian Jackalope Open

It’s officially summer now and that means we have taken our fund-raising efforts to the next level for underprivileged kids in need of shelter free of abuse, scholarships for school and special learning for the handicapped. If you would like to join us, please visit our website to see how you can help.

At the same time, we have escalated our organizing efforts for our annual September events too. After all our Children’s Fair is coming up fast in just over two months, on Sunday, September 9th, which will be held once again at the Diana Garden Resort in North Pattaya.

We have already confirmed the contractors for the set-up and are now busy seeking entertainers and stallholders, as well as working on our media schedules.

This is our 15th year of raising money for children’s charities and staging our events. One might think that the preparation might be automatic by now, but that is not really the case. There are always new parameters or situations to adapt to, and besides that, we want to keep making our events better, safer and fresh.

The rainout of our fair last year is a distant memory now. We know that it was a freak storm and not the typical monsoon shower. We have experienced the latter before, and it has never been a show-stopper. Even last year the children were still able to play, perform and have fun to their heart’s content. The bottom line is: Rain or shine the Fair goes on!

However, in regard to dealing with the elements, we have decided this year to put a proper protection over the stage to protect the entertainers from not only rain, but also sun.

We also will go with the new reconfiguration of the stage location and stall layout that we tried last year, which created more space for games. The new design means less space for stalls by as much as 25%, so we recommend booking them as early as possible.

At this point, over half of the stalls have been reserved already. Food stalls this year are the same as standard ones at only 1500 baht, so we expect more in that category.

Booking a stall is quick and simple, by going to our website and following the prompt on the homepage. Paying for your stall in advance will also be the format this year, but after doing so, please remember to email us so we know who has remitted.

July is soon upon us and everything will start to pick up more speed, so there is no time for dawdling. We do not want people disappointed, like some have already experienced with this year’s Gala Party Night that follows the Fair on Saturday, September 22nd. With little advertising, the 250-seat capacity is already sold out; save for 8 places at the last table!

For more information please visit us at and/or