It’s time again for Bikes 4 Tykes


Rick Bevington spends about 6 months of the year in Pattaya away from his native Canada, giving his time freely to help various charities like Hand to Hand, Mercy Centre and many others.

But, as we all know, December is a busy time for Santa Claus, for this is the time Rick assumes his well known role of the ageless Father Christmas. During this period there are hundreds of children to meet and countless photographs to be taken.

But Rick gets confused about this time of the year, for although he discards his red cloak and the beard has disappeared, he is still in giving mode for this is the time for Bikes 4 Tykes.

It was 2004 that Rick started his scheme donating just 4 bicycles to deserving children. Pattaya Sports Club came on board a year or two later, and the numbers have increased. This year 31 bikes will be presented to students at School #7 and School #4.

With the teachers’ help, a number of students are selected to receive a bicycle based on the child coming from a poor family, is unable to afford a motorcycle and may, therefore, have many kilometres to walk to and from school every day. The other requirement is that the cycles are awarded for achievements in their school work, again decided by the teachers.

Before they are presented, Rick virtually takes them apart and makes sure that everything is working as it should and is safe to ride. In addition, they receive a helmet and padlock and are urged to be very careful and observe the rules of the road.

Pattaya Sports Club is delighted to help Rick continue with this scheme for we are aware that he is looking for the right models well before Christmas. In addition, PSC’s contribution does not cover the entire cost of these machines. Rick’s contribution monetarily and physically is astonishing.

Well done Rick.