It’s the little things that make a difference


Family Fun Day, Oct. 20, 2012

Over a few beers Stewart (Shenanigans), Paul (Simple Simon) & Gary (Pexgo) decided it was time to organize a fun event with emphasis on children to raise money for underprivileged children. It was also decided to coincide with the event, to entertain the adults we would have an Ashes 20/20 cricket game. This event will take place at Horseshoe Point on Saturday 20th October.

If you would like to be involved in this special day, which will be a yearly event, contact call Paul on 089 0962491, we are looking for food & other marquees to be involved.

The two charities we are looking to support with the event are Hand to Hand Foundation and Sawang Boriboon. So each week, thanks to the wonderful support of Peter & Pattaya Mail, we feature something about the charities & the event in the lead up to the day.

Children have fun on Mother’s Day at Hand to Hand.Children have fun on Mother’s Day at Hand to Hand.

Hand to Hand is a growing ministry in Pattaya, located in Duck Square just behind Big C on South Pattaya Road.  The charity began in January 2010 with just 6 children.  By August of 2010 they had so many children arriving that they began renting a much larger room and then on Mother’s Day they had 65 children show up for this special occasion.

From there they never looked back. They quickly discovered that many of the small children who were visiting the centre were at risk because they were being left unattended in the slum whilst their parents worked. In September 2010 they opened a preschool with 17 children on the first day. Now they have 66 enrolled but not all of them come every day. In September 2011 they applied for foundation status with the Thai government and the foundation was fully approved by the end of October.

Ice cream is always a treat for youngsters on special days like this.Ice cream is always a treat for youngsters on special days like this.

Mother’s Day this year, On Saturday, 11th August, a special celebration was hosted to honor the mothers and grandmothers of the children who attend Hand to Hand. They had 72 children and over 135 people in all so it was a very busy & successful day. It was a great day for these poor and disadvantaged families who live in the nearby slum areas.

The day began with some songs about how our mums love us. The children then decorated a special Mother’s Day card and had the opportunity to paint a small paper umbrella as a present for their mum. This was a special time as many mums and grandmothers completed this activity with the children and it was wonderful to see the bonding between them.

Later in the afternoon a special song was presented by some of the Hand to Hand students and then everyone had the opportunity to present their umbrella and card to their mum or grandma. The children also prayed blessings over them and showered them with love and respect.

The end of the day was a shared meal for everyone to enjoy. A special thanks to doctor Suraporn, Nui, Nappapan, Noi and the Surian team for all of their generous support.