ISE Pre-K and Kindergarten Field Day 2014


The pre-k and kindergarten students enjoyed a morning of field games on February 5. Along with their teachers, parents and Grade 8 student volunteers, the children had fun as usual.

ISE normally has four to six teams but since the pre-k classes have been growing the past few months, the early childhood group was divided into eight color teams this year with each team consisting of pre-k and kindergarten students. The teachers and teaching assistants prepared eight fun stations for the children to go to, putting a few modifications from what we had last year. The stations were: miniature golf, obstacle course, treasure hunting, cup stacking, kicking soccer balls, fishing, basketball free throws, and a fun relay game where the children had to walk or move like a particular animal.

After enjoying a water and ice cream break, the pre-k classes went back to their classrooms to change their shirts and eat their snacks. Meanwhile, kindergarten children had a quick recess then had a joint celebration of 100th day with the Grade 1 students. Although the weather was not as cold as it was two weeks ago, the sun was out so all activities proceeded as planned.