Helping your child to succeed at school and beyond


All children have the chance to become high achievers and empowered learners. The Regent’s School Pattaya, now a proud member of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools, is delighted to welcome Professor Deborah Eyre, Education Director, for an exclusive event to discuss the role that parents and schools play in helping their children thrive.

Professor Eyre has pioneered many successful educational initiatives in the UK and abroad, resulting in significant education reforms on a global scale. A specialist in advanced cognitive performance, she will speak at the Regent’s School Pattaya on September 13 on why and how we need to challenge the traditional assumptions regarding education performance.

Professor Deborah Eyre. Professor Deborah Eyre.

Education has always been acknowledged as the foundation that shapes our path, our future and our opportunities.  But dated learning structures had always suggested that only some children will achieve high academic standards at school. Professor Eyre suggests with the help of a good school and a supportive family, many more children would achieve standards previously only thought of as available to a few.

“There is a formula that you need: children need the right opportunities, they have to have the right kind of support and they have to be motivated themselves. In all three of those areas, parents play a really important role.”

This introduction to Nord Anglia Education and Professor Eyre’s research on September 13 will focus on the role that parents can play in supporting the school and their child’s learning.

“What happens within a stimulating and an engaged school environment is just one part of the puzzle, but Nord Anglia Education and The Regent’s School Pattaya want our parents to understand how they can be active partners to the learning and development of their children” adds Professor Eyre.

Excited by this new journey with the Nord Anglia Education, The Regent’s School Pattaya plans to continue its already successful holistic education programme whilst embracing new ideas and support from world leading experts within Nord Anglia Education.

Mr Mike Walton, Principal of The Regent’s School Pattaya, explains that he looks forward to the opportunities that this change will bring to the school. “I think the opportunities with Nord Anglia Education will benefit us greatly”, he says, “Professor Deborah Eyre epitomises what I’m most excited about Nord Anglia Education – it’s putting further emphasis on the focus on every child doing as well as they possibly can.”

According to Professor Eyre, using the old methods just does not prepare students for the future well enough as we inhabit a world where the definition of success is changing.

“Just having subject knowledge is not enough anymore,” she says. “You’ve got to be able to use it because you’ve got to be able to solve problems, and ones that you didn’t know were going to exist.”

Altering the traditional education conditions means that not only do the children thought as gifted perform well, but so does everybody else. It’s a matter of every adult figure present in their lives – teachers, parents, carers – playing a role in motivating and nurturing each child as an individual; meaning they create their own goals and targets to achieve.

This isn’t a case of trial and error; there is concrete evidence of success with her methods as Professor Eyre has enabled educational institutes and initiatives to raise their education standards from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’. By recognising the individual capabilities of each student it’s as close to the bespoke opportunities that every parent wants for their child.

“Professor Eyre’s not just talking about ideas that will just help students that are conventionally regarded as being the top of their class, they’ll also help some children that could be traditionally overlooked as well,” says Mr Walton, “that’s what I like about it.”

Joining Nord Anglia Education in 2010, Professor Eyre has been working extensively with their premium schools across Asia, Europe and the Middle East ever since. Her work as Director of the National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth (NAGTY) prior to this contributed to her breadth of knowledge that has allowed her to recognise what works and what doesn’t to enable children to flourish.

“We are really looking forward to welcoming our current parents, but also parents who are thinking of joining The Regent’s School Pattaya to our exclusive evening with Professor Eyre” says Mr Walton.  “Everyone at the Regent’s School Pattaya is thrilled by the opportunities that have opened up for the students but also the teaching professionals as we learn more about Nord Anglia Education. Professors Eyre’s presentation will be of interest to anyone that cares about the future of international education, whether they have children, are preparing for a family or generally want to see that all children are given the opportunity to become the best learners they can be.”

[For more information and to apply for tickets call 038 418777 Ext. 222 or e-mail [email protected]  Complementary refreshments served from 6pm, presentation begins at 6.30pm. Admission is free]