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To some, computers are a necessary evil, to others they are the future on which a successful business is based or, perhaps, the key to an expanded social life. Many individuals and businesses ask ‘where would we be without them’.

But they have also presented us with a problem. Internet cafes are appearing everywhere and, with children learning to use computers almost before they can walk, it is a simple matter for them to gain access to a computer, but unfortunately, often to make friends with others they are not acquainted with, via chat lines.

The soon to be famous sticker.The soon to be famous sticker.

Margaret Grainger of Hand to Hand, with the backing of City Hall, has been so concerned with this situation, she accepted the invitation from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), a company that makes every effort to prevent children being exploited and the possibility of being abused via the internet, to work together. CEOP have experienced great success in the UK and are now expanding to many parts of the world including Vietnam and Thailand.

CEOP was formed in 2006 and has proved to be extremely successful in bringing online child sex offenders, including those involved in the production, distribution and displaying of child abuse material, to count in the UK.

Margaret proudly showing the Foundation Certificate.Margaret proudly showing the Foundation Certificate.

They are now in Pattaya and, working with Margaret and City Hall, the plan is to develop relationships with owners of internet gaming shops and students, to educate children about the dangers of online liaisons and who to turn to when help is needed.

Thousands of posters will be displayed throughout Pattaya and eye catching stickers given to children to use on clothing, bags, motorbikes and anywhere they will be noticed.

After only 6 weeks of trying, a record for anyone in Pattaya, Margaret – Hand to Hand – has been granted Foundation status and, with the help of a number of teachers, will approach all the schools in the area to spread the words among students.

This is a first in Pattaya and Pattaya Sports Club, having provided the stickers, are fully behind Hand to Hand Foundation in their endeavours and will support their every move promoting this scheme.

Margaret and Pai - Margaret will be the first to admit that without Pai’s help, life would be so much harder.Margaret and Pai – Margaret will be the first to admit that without Pai’s help, life would be so much harder.

The ever present Pai.The ever present Pai.