GIS talent contest features dancing, singing and awesome guitar riffs


Garden International School held an impressive talent contest that featured dancing and singing and awesome guitar riffs.

There were eight acts, with special entertainment coming from the GIS Music Department, as staff played ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ while the judges were picking a winner. The amazing Music Department staff consisted of Mr Shiells, Ms Peralta, Mr Oat, Ms Mindy, Mr Bird and Mr Allan.

The student performances included solo singing, singing with accompaniments, dance and bands. The superbly-talented performers were: Shilpi, Antra, Anna and Jasmine, Jason and Praw, Daseul, Erica, Pauline and Trisha, and two bands: one of which included Gear, Maria, Seren, Jun Beom and Knight while the other consisted of Sony, Teng, Praw, Jason, Pauline and Huieun.

Another great performance at the GIS Talent show.Another great performance at the GIS Talent show.

In third place came Jason and Praw, who performed a beautiful song called ‘Distance’; in second place was Daseul who amazed the audience with her powerful dance moves. First place was announced, with a special drum roll from Jason, and the winners were the band ‘Upside Down’, who gave a fantastic performance playing a song called ‘Still Into You’.

The event was organized by Sarah Chi in IB1, along with a lot of other students and teachers who supported and helped her with various things.

A Year 9 student sings at the Talent Show.A Year 9 student sings at the Talent Show.

A Year 9 student breaks out her best hip-hop moves.A Year 9 student breaks out her best hip-hop moves.

The winning band, ‘Upside Down’.The winning band, ‘Upside Down’.