GIS students produce superb IGCSE mathematics results


Students from Garden International School (GIS) took a major maths exam a year early – and got top grades!

More than half the class of 15 students who took their IGCSE Mathematics a year early achieved an A or A* grade. There were also three students with a B grade and 3 with a C grade.

Hui Eun achieved an unprecedented result for a GIS student. She made only one mistake over the two papers, and scored 99 percent – truly amazing!  Khing also gained an A* and achieved another first, as it is the highest scored by a Thai GIS student. A third A* student was Pauline. She joined the Mathematics group in Year 9 from the Philippines, and immediately showed a natural ability for the subject, but also studied conscientiously. This is the first time a GIS student from the Philippines has gained an A* a year early. Arpan missed out on his A* by just one mark.

We did it! GIS’s Year 10 mathematics’ stars!We did it! GIS’s Year 10 mathematics’ stars!

Jason and Vishal achieved good A grades, and the other A grade was achieved by Tak. Tak is another student who joined the accelerated group a year late (from California) and was always a step behind the other top students. Even in the January mock exams, his grade was low; however, he then worked extremely hard and came to extra classes. Tak has shown students what can be achieved when you work really hard, and he did all this without a private tutor. Boat, another native Thai student, was close to achieving an A* – she missed it by 3 marks (the total number of marks is 200).

The three students who achieved B grades were Pume (a native Thai), Polin (French/Thai) and John (Spanish/Thai). Those achieving C grades were Pooh (New Zealand/Thai), Akihiro (Japanese/Thai) and Kevin Olive (French/Thai). This was one truly international class!

Their Mathematics teacher, Mr. Chesters said, “These were extremely pleasing results as the two examination papers were overall the most difficult that Cambridge has ever produced. This is based on this year’s tests having the lowest ever grade boundary scores. I feel that this fact makes the Year 10 results even more remarkable because it shows their maturity in being able to handle such examinations.”