Generous GIS students help Pattaya library


Big-hearted students from Garden International School have helped less-fortunate Pattaya children by donating their old books.

To mark International Literacy Day, GIS Prefect John Caules organised several events. One was to encourage students to donate their old books, which were still in good condition, to give to charity.

Dozens of books were handed in to the school library, and these will be passed on to the North Star Library in Pattaya.

Year 8 students were among many who gave up their old books to help other children.Year 8 students were among many who gave up their old books to help other children.

John, who is studying for the International Baccalaureate Diploma at GIS, also made a PowerPoint presentation to show every class the importance of literacy around the world.

John said he was pleased with how many books had been donated, and added, “It was great to see generous GIS students donating their books to help other children in Pattaya. Not everyone has access to the excellent library and facilities that we have at GIS, so it was great to be able to help others.”

The North Star Library is a non-profit making project that is run under the umbrella of the Father Ray Foundation.

Dozens of books were donated by GIS students.Dozens of books were donated by GIS students.