Fun in the Sun for Students at Regents Summer School


With the regular school year now completed Regents is a quieter place than usual at the moment. However, there are still 120 pupils taking part in summer school and all of them, from the little ones to the older kids, are enjoying the beautiful weather by partaking in some of Pattaya’s best attractions.

The youngest group, also known as the ‘explorers’, have recently been to the Pattaya Sheep Farm where they had the opportunity to feed animals not often seen in Thailand. On a beautiful morning the kids had lunch in the sun and climbed the windmill which is a centerpiece at the farm.

Feeding the Sheep.

The two older groups known as the ‘voyagers’ and the ‘pioneers’ tackled a far more difficult activity at the Flight of the Gibbon – just 45 minutes from Pattaya. This wonderful activity held in the canopy of the tallest trees shows students what it would be like to be a monkey swinging from tree to tree. The ropes course is an excellent way to build confidence and try something completely new. Our students loved it.

With two weeks remaining there are so many more activities on offer including a yachting trip and a trip to Underwater World where students can see marine life endemic to Thailand and learn about ocean conservation!

Under the tutelage of the ropes course professionals.

Arriving at the Pattaya Sheep Farm.