Children and parents revel in a fantastic international day


International Day is often referred to as the best day of the year here at St Andrews, and this year it was one of the best ever.

The day began with the flag parade with all students, of 36 nationalities in total, representing their countries with flags and showing off their beautiful national costumes. The students then had a super morning, full of exciting international activities, run by parents and school staff. The Primary children got to try activities such as Indian Mehandi hand painting, Korean Origami, Irish dancing, Australian Football, and Maori Stick games. Some of the favourite activities in Secondary this year were African Drumming, British Sarcasm, Mexican Bingo and English Carnival Games, which included the legendary English sport of Sock Wrestling.

There were also (unsurprisingly!) lots of food based activities where students got to prepare, create and, most importantly, taste a selection of traditional foods from all over the world. Just a few examples were New Zealand mince pies, English Tiffin, and Thai sweets and spring rolls. Many students agreed that the French crepe making, run by one of the parents, Mme Serre, was a real highlight of the day.

South Korean students and parents.South Korean students and parents.

International Day has become famous for its international lunch and this year was an absolute feast. Many parents volunteered time, effort and considerable skills to share some absolutely delicious national dishes and delicacies with us. Children, parents and staff enjoyed an amazing array of food, and enjoyed the opportunity to try new tastes.

Students and parents representing the USA.Students and parents representing the USA.

The day concluded with the International Day assembly, including music and dancing from around the globe, that students, with the support of several staff members and parents, had been working hard on in the weeks leading up to the day. There was a Tae Kwon Do demonstration, a Bollywood Fusion Dance, a Jazz music performance and a Maori Haka to give just a few examples of the assembly’s outstanding performances.

We all had an excellent, enjoyable and rewarding day, and look forward to doing it all again next year.

A great turnout of Russian families.A great turnout of Russian families.

Activities included international arts and crafts.Activities included international arts and crafts.

Students tried a wide variety of traditional Thai crafts.Students tried a wide variety of traditional Thai crafts.

Students drawing Maori tribal tattoos.Students drawing Maori tribal tattoos.

Children representing Germany fly the flag.Children representing Germany fly the flag.