CEA treats kids with a day at the Hard Rock


Living in Pattaya, it’s easy to take the beach and the clean air for granted and easy to forget those who have never tasted such a wonderful way to spend your day.

On Sunday the 4th of September, 37 children who are under the care of the Melissa Cosgrove Children’s foundation came down from Bangkok to spend a day at the Hard Rock Hotel in Pattaya. Many of these children live in a temple and have never seen the beach or even been in a swimming pool.

The day was funded by Kevin Fisher, the managing director of CEA projects, and he was on hand with his staff and a few close friends along with Tracy Cosgrove to ensure the kids had an unforgettable day.

Boys line up to receive their swim trunks.Boys line up to receive their swim trunks.

In the morning the kids were all given swimming costumes and had loads of fun splashing about in the pool, using the water slide and playing games organized by the ever-energetic staff at the Hard Rock.

Then it was time for lunch and the boys got stuck into the rice, noodles, sausages, chips and ice cold soft drinks.

Tracy Cosgrove explained in an interview for PMTV that these boys have ended up alone for a variety of reasons and that she has been taking care of them for over ten years. However, she only has a budget of seven baht per boy to feed each day. This explained why they loved the food so much and were going back up for seconds.

How far can he make it?  He has a good cheering section.How far can he make it?  He has a good cheering section.

After lunch the kids played some more games in the pool then had some ice cream to cool off, then some dinner and a movie.

Kevin Fisher said that he admired Tracy for the work she did and that he was delighted to support the event and could see that is was a real special day for the kids.


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