Canadian Jackalope Open teams up with Jesters to benefit children living with HIV and disabilities



We believe that all children deserve access to safe shelter, education and special schooling for the disabled in order to better their lives

The 18th Canadian Jackalope Open is coming up next Friday on August 5th at Burapha Golf and Country Club once again. This charity event is their annual fund-raiser for the Camillian children living with HIV and disabilities.

Christmas shopping with the Camillian children at the center.
Christmas shopping with the Camillian children at the center.

Since 2008, the Canadian Jackalope Open has been a Diamond Sponsor (400,000 baht) for the Jesters Care for Kids and have maintained that status to the present. Their stipulation from the get-go was that all funds raised from the golf tournament would go to the Camillian children. The only way we could accept this condition would be to match their amount and have a bigger impact. Consequently, since the 8-year merger, our two organizations have provided 5,518,908 baht to date.

Specifically, our joint donation goes to the Camillian Home in Lat Krabang for the 24/7 care for 3 disabled children, 2 also with HIV, and the Camillian Social Center in Rayong, from where we take the children for a Christmas spree every December and in the spring to amusement parks, such as Dream World in Bangkok.

If you would like to learn more about this tournament and the children benefited, please go to http://jackalopeopen,,,