Breaking business ground at the Regent’s


The Regent’s continues to show off their entrepreneurial skills with students of all ages organizing and getting involved in their own businesses. Originally an after-school activity for students interested in doing something practical and outdoorsy with a beneficial outcome, The GoldFish PLC’s Garden project has cultivated its first vegetables.

The combined effort of the school’s senior students (Years 10-12) and a group from Primary has produced a 20sqm garden filled with tomatoes, dill, coriander and basil (they expect pak choy and cabbage to be ready in the next couple of weeks).

GoldFish Garden so far.GoldFish Garden so far.

With the dedication of the students (particularly a group from Year 12), the garden has been well maintained outside of activity times and the entire group is hoping to extend their produce to other vegetables and herbs.

The Garden project gives students invaluable horticultural skills for growing their own organic food and hopes to educate them about good nutrition and caring for their environment.

In parallel footsteps follow a group of business-minded Year 7 students with their smoothie business HealtheDlite. The entire concept, from planning which drinks to sell, how to make them and whose turn it is to buy the ingredients, to setting up the business and promoting it, has been devised and executed by this group of entrepreneurial girls.

Link, Denis and Hugh making sure the plants are watered.Link, Denis and Hugh making sure the plants are watered.

The profits have been used to purchase equipment for the business, such as blenders and utensils, as well as to further research to meet consumers’ needs and wants. All in all the company is a staple of cooperation with no girl taking a CEO-type position but each having individual responsibilities.

The enterprises of the Regent’s School students continue to grow, expand and educate, and we hope you stay tuned for more tasty, healthy and reasonably priced products from both HealtheDlite and the GoldFish Garden.