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GIS students have been to see a special dance show in Bangkok. The secondary Spanish department organized the trip on October 14 to Bangkok to attend a dance show called ‘Tango Legends’.

The start of the show instantly grabbed the audience as it began with instrumental music that created a calm mood. The stage was decorated as a ballroom with the instrumental group on the right hand side of the stage. This consisted of a piano, a Spanish guitar, a double bass, an accordion and a violin. As the music played, the dancers gathered with their partners and took turns to come to the middle to have small dances.

All set for the trip to Bangkok.All set for the trip to Bangkok.

It was unusual yet interesting to see a small male solo break in between the dances. He performed some songs that are famous melodies.

As the show progressed, the performance became more eye-catching and attractive. The dances became technically extravagant, which made the audience burst into rounds of applause several times.

The costumes added to the greatness of the show. The ladies dresses changed constantly, while the men kept their neat suits and yet managed to pull off spectacular moves.

GIS students with some of the stars of the show.GIS students with some of the stars of the show.

The most interesting part that our students noticed was the leg movement of the dancers. The legs of each partner would tangle and untangle accurately at speed, and do a swinging, kicking action without making contact. Other acrobatic movements from the ladies, such as jumping and swaying, gave a surreal impression.

The finale was built up to the maximum by the dancers, expressing their professional tricks magnificently. Each couple of dancers ran into the middle of stage and performed a short yet amazing dance for the final.

This show was an exciting and phenomenal experience for everyone. It impressed the audience and will stay in our memories.

¡Estaba muy fabuloso!

Past and present students met up for the trip to Bangkok.Past and present students met up for the trip to Bangkok.

The students and teachers from GIS who went to see ‘Tango Legends’.The students and teachers from GIS who went to see ‘Tango Legends’.