BHP offers kids swim lessons


About 80 area children learned basic swimming and water-rescue skills at a day-long class organized by Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

The kids, ages 8-15, got both classroom and water training April 27 from BHP nursing manager Nattaya Ngamwong, manager of nursing, and Capt. Sappasit Songkuman of Sattahip’s Apakorn Kiattiwong Hospital at the Redemptorist Vocational School’s swimming pool.

During the morning classroom session, students took part in a question and answer period.

Swimming lessons and emergency-response skills are critical to youths during the hot season, when many kids drown across the country.

After spending the morning in the classroom learning proper techniques and first-aid skills, the youths hit the water and learned basic strokes, how to float and conserve energy and other dangers posed by being around the water.

The kids also got first-response training for when someone falls in the water, including rescues and first aid. Poisonous marine life was also covered, as was survival skills.

Instructors teach the children how to float effectively.
Students practice holding their breath in the pool.
The activities were instructive, as well as fun.