Band Slam rocks GIS


Garden International School (GIS) rocked thanks to the annual Band Slam contest featuring young musical talent.

The Main Hall was packed on June 17 as student bands prepared a 3-song set featuring at least one original composition, with the winning band receiving a full day recording session at the fantastic Karma Studios.

First up were ‘Surrender at 20’, a REPS band (but with our very own Sony on the drums) who played an excellent, tight set. Next were ‘Fire and Flame’, featuring Year 8 and 9 students from GIS. Leanne sang beautifully and their original composition (by Erica) was brilliantly catchy and well-structured. St Andrew’s students made up the 3rd band, Alpha Beat, with Year 6 boy Jake taking the lead in his own composition ‘Happy’. The crowd enjoyed the energetic performance and heavy guitar sound. The final competing band was Apollo, a group of Year 10 students with Gee Gee and Tara on lead vocals. This band really worked the crowd and had some support from mystery cow dancers! Their original composition, Crying to the Moon, was fantastic and the whole set was varied and polished.

Head of Arts Mr Shiells thanks the musicians.

The judges (GIS Principal Dr Tasker, Primary teacher Miss Natalie and ex-student Robert Kim) then left to make their difficult decisions and the crowd was entertained by a band of students and ex-students. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved was a suitable choice of song for lead singer Rohit, who really can’t seem to be moved from the GIS stage.

The judges announced the winner of best original song was ‘Happy’ by Alpha Beat, while overall best band went to the GIS band Apollo. Overall it was a great fun evening with lots of talent on display and some beautiful musical moments.

Former GIS student Rohit returned to take part in the show.

A GIS student impresses the crowd with her vocal skills.

Year 10 students perform at the Band Slam.