An exciting start to the year at Regent’s School Pattaya


With the Regent’s School Pattaya embarking on new and exciting ventures after joining Nord Anglia Education, 2013 starts off in flying form with a number of new and interesting opportunities to take part in the Nord Anglia Educations Global Classroom. With over 10,000 participants, this is an amazing chance for students to reach beyond Thailand and connect with their peers across the World.

In Hitting the Headlines students are looking into the controversial subject of immigration. Should countries have open or closed borders? Have you ever experienced a sense of being an ‘outsider’ when living in a new country?

Students at the Regent’s School Pattaya re already excelling with Nord Anglia Education.Students at the Regent’s School Pattaya re already excelling with Nord Anglia Education.

A new area of the SGC has opened called The Nexus where students will be able to focus on specific subjects. It’s kicking-off the year turning its attention to sport and, in particular, to considering what it takes to become an elite athlete. Rave Reviews is a new space where students can share their insights on books, films, music, websites, technology and much more.

Also this term, students have the opportunity to take part in a Short Story Writing Competition and be inspired by the idea of a ‘journey of discovery’ and could find their work published in an e-book.