A good night’s sleep is so refreshing


The children were waiting patiently when I pulled into the car park my car being full of various goodies as requested by Ja. There were many willing hands available to help us unload and the smile on their faces said it all.

Pattaya is a world famous destination for tourists, most of whom are genuine in their desire to enjoy what Pattaya has to offer. Unfortunately, the last 30 plus years have been one long economic boom, people flood in from, not only rural areas, for the streets are said to be paved with gold,  but all over the world and one of the most abhorrent crimes is the abuse of children.

Large mosquito nets to stop noisy mosquitoes interrupting sleep.

It is all too evident in the streets of Pattaya, for many have to live with a lack of adequate care, food and water, and education, and many children are forced into labour or are left to fend for themselves leading to abuse in all its forms.

Ja has been helping children in this position for many years and in 2011 he set up the Anti-Human & Child Abuse Centre (ATCC). 42 children now live in a loving, caring environment at ATCC under the care of Ja and his staff with many facilities for them that they have never encountered in their earlier lives. Fiercely protective of his charges, Ja provides them with safety, a home, food, an education and qualitative life skill development to help them integrate into normal society in their adult years.

Caring for 42 children is an expensive exercise which includes regular counseling by a physiologist to help to overcome all the problems of the past. Fortunately, there are many organizations and individuals that are only too happy to help. Nigel Oakes from Manchester in UK and now living in Thailand, is but one.

They will have a good and comfortable night’s sleep tonight.

When I, metaphorically speaking, ‘knocked on his door’ recently, Ja mentioned that the children needed some basic items. Pillows being one for many were using books, bags or whatever they could put together to use at night. Towels and mosquito nets were needed, too, which often slip under the radar. We are all aware of how annoying mosquitoes can be when you are trying to sleep and they have a noisy attraction to your ears. They are also couriers for some unwelcome diseases.

Nigel was prepared to donate funds for this purpose which was welcomed by all at ATCC. If you feel you would like to donate funds to this centre, regardless of how small, please contact Ja on 0819499349.