Norman Martin (1934 -2012)


Norman passed away on Tuesday 7th August after a lengthy period of ill health – bravely fought.

Norman came from Leicester in England, and had lived in Pattaya with wife Nlyom for the past 5 years. Before that time he had been a frequent visitor over many years and was a low number member of Pattaya Sports Club and played golf from some of the early PSC venues.

During his life among other things he had radio and TV shops, sold electrical equipment, and managed a top snooker player in the UK.

Norman Martin (1934 -2012) Norman Martin (1934 -2012)

He spent 10 years in Augusta where he was a caddy for Bobby Cole – he also caddied for former US President Gerald Ford. In his home he had a picture of him and Gerald Ford looking down a fairway. He also had a letter of appreciation and a golf ball – marked GF. He managed a golf course there for a couple of years.

Norman had health problems for some time – particularly in what was to be his final year – a number of his friends visited him on a regular basis and we saw him going into decline – but not without a fight.

His golf in his later years was at Pattaya Country Club where he was a member; also he had a hole in one in 2004.

Known as ‘Mr. Grumpy’ Norman had firm views on many topics which he would be willing to share with all! But Norman had a heart – he was to see 4 friends pass away in recent years but he was always ready to visit them and offer help to their partners.


Nigel Cannon