Youths taught to use Buddhism to stay off drugs


More than 100 Nernplabwan School teachers and students learned how following Buddhist teachings can keep youngsters away from drugs at a workshop in Pattaya.

Nongprue Mayor Mai Chaiyanit chaired the July 7 “Moral Ethics Training to Fight Drugs” seminar at the A-One Royal Cruise Hotel. The sub-district holds the ethics workshop annually to “create a shield” to keep children away from drugs.

Activities included teamwork games, traditional Buddhist methods to keep the mind calm, and more. Students were also lectured about the dangerous effects of drugs and how they can ruin their future.

Team building games are all part of the fun of learning.Team building games are all part of the fun of learning.

They were also encouraged to play more sports and perform creative activities with friends and classmates during their spare time. Teachers were also lectured to be an example and to supervise the behavior of students.

Mai said it is important that parents and school teachers keep their children away from drugs, especially those who are under 15. Creative activities must be executed as well as sports during their spare time.

Similar programs will take place throughout the year, with the goal of creating a healthy and drug-free community.