Would-be gold thieves re-enact failed heist


For two men arrested for allegedly robbing a Banglamung gold shop, admitting to stealing a half-million baht in gold wasn’t enough for police. Officers made them re-enact the heist for the press.

Motorbike taxi driver Bunliam Luechailam, 35, and 24-year-old pal Warupong Nontachai were escorted by police Nov. 1 back to the Pro Srisuwan gold shop where, they admitted earlier to police, they’d rode up on a Honda Click motorbike and held the 43-year-old shop owner at gunpoint while they took 22 gold chains.

Bunliam Luechailam shows police and the press how he held up a gold shop. Bunliam Luechailam shows police and the press how he held up a gold shop.

Bunliam, nailed by police almost immediately after a flower vendor outside the shop gave police his license number and description, originally denied being involved. He claimed the flower woman actually saw his pal, who had borrowed his bike.

Further investigation, however, revealed suspicions about both Bunliam and Warupong, as well as a third man, Kriangkrai Julachat, 21. Showing police how he blocked the electric door from closing, Bunliam accused Kriangkrai of threatening Raerai Chatraksa with the gun.

They then split up the booty, but Bunliam said Kriangkrai only gave him 6,000 baht for his third, far less than the market rate.

Kriangkrai, an Udon Thani native, is still at large and believed to be hiding out in Issan.